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Developing Coach-Like Leaders Through Shoulder Coaching



Welcome to The Shoulder Coaches, where we redefine leadership development through our unique approach known as Shoulder Coaching. Picture us as your personal guide, your first Shoulder Coach, here to provide unwavering support and elevate your coach-like leadership game. Our methodology is a gradual process that systematically assists you in developing your own Shoulder Coach, guiding you step by step to seamlessly integrate coach-like leadership skills into your interactions.

As a result of this transformative journey, you emerge as a more coach-like leader — the kind of leader who effortlessly incorporates coaching best-practices into their daily routine, unlocking not only their personal leadership potential but also unleashing the latent capabilities of everyone around them.

It's worth noting that the term "Shoulder Coach" originated from a client who enjoyed our transparent coaching method, which not only aided them in achieving immediate goals but also instilled in them the principles and skills of coach-like leadership. This is our specialty.


Leadership & Executive Coaching, Leadership Assessment and Debrief, Custom Training, Consulting and Speaking.


So, WHAT DO YOU WANT? It's the most powerful coaching quesiton and a great place to begin our partnership. At The Shoulder Coaches our team of experts provide a variety of individual and team experiences designed to help you develop Shoulder Coach leadership practices within your organizaiton:

  • Individual and group leadership and executive coaching

  • Individual and group leadership and executive self and 360 assessment

  • Custom leadership and executive training, consulting and speaking.


Our coaches are ICF Accredited, ensuring the highest level of expertise in leadership coaching.

Our Latest Article

The Shoulder Coaches recently guest blogged with David Emerald and Donna Zajonc in a blog titled How TED* Helped Create Our “Great Year"

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Meet Steve Gibbons

Stephen, or "Steve," is an Executive Coach, Speaker, and Learning Experience Designer and manages the coaching and mentoring programs at a major healthcare system. Steve partners with leaders, teams and organizaitons to unlock their potential through developing coach-like leaders and assiciates within their ranks. Steve designs, develops and delivers thought-proviking keynotes and highly interactive workshop experiences with executives and leadership teams across the healthcare, technology, financial services, retail, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. Let's get started!! 

Stephen Gibbons


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